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About CR Horizons
Formed in 1999, CRHorizons is an Australian business that is carving out a unique spot in the IT solutions and particularly the billing software landscape.

We have succesfully demonstrated to various businesses the value of choosing one of our solutions, by delivering a product or service that exceeds their expectations and consistently and continuously adds value to their business.

Our committment is to ensuring your business succeeds, in effect we see ourselves as a helping hand / behind the scenes partner in your success.

We have decades worth of telecommunications industry, billing and software development experience. We also have a vast array of IT, database and development skills ranging from Network and OS administration (Windows, Linux), Database design, development and administation (Oracle, MS SQL, mySQL, Interbase, Access) to website / ecommerce design and development.

Our development team has the skills to use the appropriate tool for the job ranging from Visual Studio to PHP and Perl scripting to Outlook/Exchange programming, but favours Borland's RAD tools Delphi and Kylix.

Our guiding principles are:
  • to be honest
  • to listen
  • to be fair
  • to give our customers the unfair advantage above their competitors by using our products or services
  • and most importantly to deliver above and beyond expectations, whatever it takes

We believe in ourselves and what we can do for you. So contact us , we will be happy to hear from you.

As a unique service, we deliver free, no obligation email advice in any of the areas that we have expertise in. And if we don't have the expertise we will endeavour to guide you in the right direction to find the right answer.



CR Horizons Launches New Product Range

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